Natural Birth

Pregnant Nature Mom

A normal childbirth is the best and most natural way to give birth to your baby. It will suit you best if you want to remain in control of your whole body. During a natural childbirth a woman is not sedated and made an active participant of labor which is tracked by minimal routine interventions like continuous electronic monitoring. If you choose this route for your childbirth, it can be painful but with the right support and preparation, a woman will feel deeply satisfied and empowered by it.

Advantages of Natural Childbirth

1. A lot of natural childbirth techniques are not invasive in nature, so there is very little possibility of side effects or harm to your baby.

2. A lot of women have a strong feeling that they are being empowered during labor. A sense of accomplishment is also felt later. Despite the pain some women go through during labor, they might still choose to not undergo medicated birth the next time again. For most women, the feeling of being in charge can reduce the perception of pain.

3. There is no loss of alertness or sensation. You can move freely and find positions which help you be more comfortable during labor.

4. During natural childbirth, you are less likely to get epidural interventions like pitocin (oxytoxin) to make your contractions stronger, vacuum extraction, bladder catheterization or forceps delivery.

5. Your partner can also be involved in this process to help you take your mind off the pain.

6. You can use self hypnosis, visualization and breathing exercises to help ease the pain and discomfort that is experienced during natural childbirth. A lot of new mothers experience implementing their relaxation techniques after the delivery usually with postpartum discomfort, breastfeeding or taking care of the newborn baby during stressful times.

Once you have decided to go through a natural childbirth, it is necessary to prepare for it. This can be done by choosing the right supportive caregiver and a good hospital. Educating yourself about childbirth, good labor support system, developing a good birth plan and a supportive caregiver is extremely vital before opting for a natural childbirth. The most important point to take into consideration is selecting a birth center which is designed to provide a family centered experience and a natural environment.

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