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Kids Teeth

Many parents wonder when they should first start teaching their kid about taking care of their teeth. When they should first see a dentist and when they should start brushing themselves are common questions among parents. The answers to these questions may be earlier than you think.

When Should Dental Care Start?

Proper dental care should begin for a kid even before their first tooth comes in. Even though the teeth are hidden beneath the gums, it is still important for you to clean your kids’ mouth to avoid the build-up of harmful bacteria. To do this, you should rub a damp cloth over your kid’s gums after feedings. Once your kid has grown a few teeth, you should brush them with a soft kid’s toothbrush or rub them with some gauze at the end of the day to lower the chance that bacteria will build up on them.

Although it may be convenient, you should refrain from putting your baby to sleep with a bottle in its mouth. When the sugars from a bottle remain on a baby’s teeth overnight, the enamel on your kid’s baby teeth will begin to erode. This is a condition known as bottle mouth and should be avoided.

A kid’s first dental visit can occur as early as his/hers first birthday. Seeing a paediatric dentist can be beneficial to help your kid be as comfortable as possible during his or her first visit to the dentist. On the first dental visit, your dentist will be able to show your kid how to clean his or her teeth. By developing good dental habits early in life, your kid will be able to maintain healthy teeth and gums for their entire life. On the other hand, if they begin their life with bad dental habits, they can be very difficult to break and can cause damage to their teeth.

Taking Care Of Your kid’s Baby Teeth

since they are not permanent, many parents wonder why it is important to take care of their kid’s primary (baby) teeth. One of the most important reasons this is important is to develop good habits in your kid. By the age of two or three, your kid can begin to use fluoridated toothpaste under supervision. From this point on, they will be brushing their teeth independently for the rest of their life. Your paediatric dentist will also apply topical fluoride to your kid’s teeth. Fluoride works to harden the tooth enamel and helps to ward off cavities in your kid’s teeth. It is also important for parents to help create good nutritional habits in your kid to help them maintain positive oral and overall health.